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Raleigh, NC


Influenced by the fantasy world of comics, my interest in art began at age eleven. A native of New Jersey, my formative years were spent developing my artist skills. Relishing the solitude and tranquility of sketching and creating my own fantasy world, art allowed me to escape to a world of peace. A self-taught artist, I further honed my artist skills by attending the Newark School of Fine Industrial Art where I developed a passion for sports illustrations and story boards. Throughout my adult life, I worked at various jobs, but continued to pursue my desire to work professionally as an artist by marketing my talent. My artistic abilities quickly became apparent to many of my co-workers, propelling my artistic career forward. Consequently, for several years I was in demand for various types of freelance work, including family, children and wedding portraits. In 1992, my professional career as an artist began when I was hired by Third Power Market Development, Inc. and Public Service Enterprise Group in Newark, New Jersey to produce black and white story boards, which were used in advertising development and published in local newspapers. In addition, I received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Girl Scout Council of Greater Essex County who commissioned me to render the trademarked "drawing of hands," used in their Family Partnership Brochure. In pursuit of better artistic opportunities, I relocated to San Diego, California in 1993, where I became a member of the La Jolla Fine Arts Society. While working security for R.W. Johnson Pharmaceutical Research Institute ("RWJPRI") in La Jolla, CA in 1997, my artwork caught the attention of Rod Luck of KUSI News in San Diego, who later interviewed me in a live broadcast depicting my artwork. That same year both KUSI and RWJPRI commissioned me to render several paintings, which were displayed in their lobby and cafeteria areas. My most current work is featured in the recently published children's book "Handi-Bear Cares" written by Cathy May Cavanagh.

As an advent fan of Bruce Lee, I was commissioned by Van Williams, who portrayed the Green Hornet in the 1966 television series, to render an illustration of the Green Hornet television series. This rendention was also depicted on a tee-shirt design, which sold nationally. Today, I still consider Van Williams to be a friend. In conclusion, art is my passion. No other aspect of my life offers as much opportunity to be creative with the gift that God blessed me with. I currently reside in North Carolina where I work as a freelance artist. My passion for art drives me to continue to pursue my goal of working professionally as an artist.



The beautiful one by Darryl Matthews


The purple prince by Darryl Matthews


Prince by Darryl Matthews


The late great George Michaels by Darryl Matthews


Prince batdance by Darryl Matthews


Prince by Darryl Matthews


Michelle Obama by Darryl Matthews


Barack Obama by Darryl Matthews


Netflix Luke Cage by Darryl Matthews


Questlove. by Darryl Matthews


Bruce Lee by Darryl Matthews


Into the cave by Darryl Matthews


The Dragon by Darryl Matthews


The greatest by Darryl Matthews


Michael Jordan by Darryl Matthews


Prince by Darryl Matthews


sting like a bee by Darryl Matthews


Jimi Hendrix by Darryl Matthews


Jackie Wilson by Darryl Matthews


ray Charles by Darryl Matthews


Bruce lee by Darryl Matthews


Soccer Battle by Darryl Matthews


Tiger woods. by Darryl Matthews


The monk kick. by Darryl Matthews


The fighter. D by Darryl Matthews


Warrior of the past. by Darryl Matthews


Torn of Mixed emotions. by Darryl Matthews


Tony Dorsett by Darryl Matthews


The hardest working man in show business. by Darryl Matthews


Brandon lee as the crow. by Darryl Matthews


Tupac Shakur by Darryl Matthews


Keep your head to the sky. by Darryl Matthews